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Remember To Stay Thankful

Greetings! This year (2010) is almost over. What worked for you? What would you have done differently? Did you achieve all of your goals? Well, whatever the answers to those questions are, rest assured that 2011 will be a new year and with it will come new opportunities disguised as problems and challenges.

Maybe you didn't do everything you could have or should have, but you made it this far...so be thankful and begin planning your next move(s). You already know the saying "If you fail to plan...then you're planning to fail." BUT. You're going to plan, AND you're going to plan well. That doesn't mean that you won't encounter occasional (or frequent) obstacles; but always and in every circumstance, give thanks to God who causes us to triumph. So if it's unhealthy relationships...make a plan. If it's an undesirable job/career...or the lack thereof...make a plan. If it's unwanted weight (yours)...make a plan. And Be Thankful because it could always be worse. Peace-n-Blessings!
***Celebrate Jesus Every Day***

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