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What Do You Have To Say?

So…what DO you have to say? You may ask “What do you mean Jessie”? Well, if you are compos mentis (of sound mind…you know…you got good sense, etc), then at some point ( usually every day) you have something to say (of value) that can enrich those around you.

Just because you don’t have people packing stadiums, civic centers, auditoriums, conference rooms, gyms, churches, etc. (to hear and see you) does not mean that what has been placed in your heart and spirit is any less significant than those who do command huge crowds. True. Everyone has not been given the same measure (gifts, talents, abilities). There are some people (and many of you have met them) who not only have MANY gifts, but also have enormous AMOUNTS of those gifts. For example, let’s say your gifts are only 2 in number: singing and mathematics (nice combo huh?). Be and do YOUR best with those talents. No need to “hate” on those who not only have those same talents, but also are AT LEAST twice as good as you are AND have 5 more and are as equally talented at those…while you struggle to get some shine with your whopping 2 talents. Looking at what others have and ignoring one’s own talent(s) has caused many a person to shortchange his or her own impact and significance. When God designed you, trust (Him)…He knew what He was doing. On the surface, it can seem unfair. But just know that if your portion was 2 and someone else’s was…7, don’t hate…cultivate (stir up your gift(s)) and impart to someone else the wisdom you’ve been given/developed. If it’s 500 people… 5,000 people or just 5 people…inspire, encourage, empower, share. You have something of value that the world is waiting for (even if that particular world consists only of a handful of people)…so say it!

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