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Hater Love

Hater. A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.  At some point we’ve all experienced this…either as the hater or the hatee or been an observer of the two.  I’m somewhat active on twitter (www.twitter.com/flavachordz) and from time to time, I read the tweets of celebs.  One thing I find amazing is how celebs respond to "hater tweets."  We all love being told how wonderful we are, but when the exact opposite occurs, sometimes war ensues…war of words.  They’re fine (the celebs) until someone says that their performance stunk, or their outfit stunk.  Look out!  Many of those celebs go straight HAM on people.  Arguing with a "fan" is never a good idea, ESPECIALLY over inconsequential minutia. Heck, arguing with anyone over insignificant stuff is not prudent for any of us.  But as people, we all have this innate sense of preservation and survival.  In the case of celebs, they’re trying to preserve their image, influence, brand and swag.

Even in our everyday lives, we may encounter haters.  If you haven’t yet you will.  Well then.  How does one deal with a hater?  Consider the old saying “Hurt people, hurt people.”  In other words, whenever a person is experiencing disappointment, disenfranchisement and an assortment of negativity, he or she often feel powerless. They sometimes attempt to gain power by trying to "tear down" someone else.  When they make these attempts and feel successful, i.e., they make the other person react in a certain way, then they (the hater) has a false sense of power and well-being.  They feel justified in their behavior, because in their mind, they simply leveled the playing field and only made things fair---the way life should have done it in the first place *wink*.  The problem with this neurosis is that the hater can go from a cycle of superficial envy to quickly tail spinning into self-hatred. 

The solution?  Love.  The Jesus kind of love.  Our society does not espouse this type of love as much as it should.  Real talk.  But this kind of love is what God is calling for us (Christians) to first have ourselves, and in turn share with the world.  That Jesus kind of love passes all (worldly) understanding.  It doesn’t make sense to the carnal mind.  How does one get this kind of love?  Definitely not by consuming large amounts of media and entertainment (TV, internet, text messaging, video games, "reality TV," etc.).  Notice, I did not say that these things are inherently bad (I indulge in all of the aforementioned).  But we have to be more influenced by God than these creature comforts, and the only way to truly be influenced by God is to spend time with God:  praying, reading His word, FASTING (from everything except water) on a regular basis…a day at a time…a few days at a time…a week at a time.  There are no shortcuts, but there are certainties.   If you consume enormous amounts of media, then that’s what you’re going to be influenced by…don’t kid yourself.  And likewise, if you put in the time with God, then your spirit will resonate more with Godly influences, namely love.  So that’s how you deal with haters.  You love them.


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