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Relationship Vitamin

Relationship building can be one of the most difficult things a person ever does, depending on his or her makeup….not the stuff that goes on the outside of one’s face, but what is on the inside of one’s being--their inner strengths and abilities, their true self.  Many books and articles have been written on this topic…and I’m contributing my input as well.  I felt the urge to write about this because knowing how to build positive relationships seems to still evade people.  For many, knowing how to build relationships comes very easily—even naturally.  But far too many people struggle with this.

There are people in leadership positions and other positions of influence who don’t quite make the grade in the relationship department.  On many occasions, people get promoted to leadership positions based on their ability to work long and hard (and sometimes smart).  Whenever a person seems to have more drive than others, people take notice and admire that characteristic, and rightly so.  But far too often, this forms the basis of promoting someone who may need a little more grooming before he or she is elevated to the next upward level.  If not properly groomed in the area of relationships and people skills, these hard working people can very easily become very aggressive and overbearing toward staff and others.  In today’s work climate, there is a time and place to be aggressive, but usually not toward other people.

It can be difficult to admit one’s relationship deficits, but it can be done.  Try to resist pride as much as possible.  Pride has caused many people to short-circuit their own success; but for those who rise above the pride issue, growth is waiting.  Admit it and quit it.  If you know you don’t like people, pray for God’s guidance in this area.  It’s very difficult to lead and influence people when you don’t like…people.  Appreciate and love yourself.  Work on your issues.  The more you love, accept and appreciate who you are, the more you will be able to share Godly positivity with others.  Recognize others when they do good things.  In life, we’ve often heard how bad our performance was, how bad we look, how we could do this or that better.  Let those around you know what they are doing right.  You will gain confidence; AND recognition will come backacha!  Have fun > Laugh > Stimulate endorphin release.

If you can read this blog, then you already know how important these things are, but we all need reminding from time to time, myself included. Thank you Jesus. Continued blessings!


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0 #2 Tangie 2011-07-27 22:32
Good word!
+1 #1 Tangie 2011-07-27 00:45
Great reminder! Thanks for sharing!

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