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Tangible Concepts, LLC is a multimedia education and entertainment company whose mission is to educate, inspire and empower, featuring products and services of the highest standards.

Jessie has over 20 years' experience playing the keyboard and piano. He began playing at the age of 12 and has developed a 20+ year passion. Jessie has played for various choirs, ensembles, and bands. He has also taught gospel piano lessons privately. Jessie is currently a freelance musician in Metro Atlanta.

Philosophy: Anyone can improve his or her Gospel Piano/Gospel Keyboard skills. Practice and pray. Pray and practice.

Jessie felt the urge to undertake a DVD project so that musicians of all skill levels could have a useable resource that would enrich their keyboard/piano experience. Jessie shares his proven methods and techniques for increasing gospel piano/keyboard proficiency.

  • Tricks, runs, licks, and fills
  • Hot contemporary and traditional musical phrasing
  • Modern musical expressive techniques
  • Techniques & lessons to improve dexterity

With this DVD, you will be able to:
  • Understand what’s being taught. With the aid of overhead keyboard/piano shots and an illuminated keyboard/piano, you will be able to keep up with what is being taught. As Jessie plays his actual keyboard/piano, he spells out every chord, note by note, and the keys on the illuminated keyboard/piano light up simultaneously.
  • See each topic repeated several times. As any good teacher does, Jessie thoroughly goes over each item discussed several times to ensure that his students understand what’s being taught.
  • Experience positive results. Only you possess the power to be the best that you can be. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. We are all uniquely gifted. Love the results you get and continue to grow.